Enliven's List is a Highly Curated, Balanced and Complete List for Retailers. 
With hundreds of thousands of books, retailing choices can be overwhelming. Enter Enliven. We've created a one-stop list for all Mind-Body-Spirit subjects for retailers to choose from. Our books are beautifully packaged, diverse, and cover subjects from healing to creativity, inspiration to motivational, health to meditation, yoga to breathing. 

We've carefully chosen a list of titles that are go-to standards for each category in the Mind-Body-Spirit world. We've found modern, authentic, and powerful teachers who live what they write and have strong followings. Based on the spirit of being mission-driven light workers out to help, heal and uplift, each Enliven author has a mission to serve readers with the tools to heal, grow, and change themselves and the world. 

Conscious Content for Modern Times
As a retailer, you want to give your customers an experience they will return for and love you for! Enliven is based on delivering beautiful books that are as much a fashion statement as a conscious stake in the sand. Ordering is easy, simply Click Here to set up a new account with Simon and Schuster. If you already have an account with S&S you can click here to order. And if you have any questions, simply Click Here to email our customer service.