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Quantum Success

Creating Quantum Success in Your Career:  7 Essential Laws for a Thriving, Joyful and Prosperous Career

by Christy Whitman

Available September 2018

Author's Mission

Christy Whitman’s mission is to awaken others to their inherent right and ability to deliberately create the details of their life experience exactly as they desire them to be – in other words, to liberate others from the belief that they are victims of circumstance and guide them to the self-empowerment we all seek. In this latest work, Christy uses the subject of
creating career satisfaction and exponential success as the focal point for teaching in very practical and easy-to- understand terms exactly how the manifestation of every desire occurs, and how this natural unfolding becomes increasingly faster and more joyful once we learn how to harness the non-physical forces that are at work behind every act of creation. The insights and processes provided throughout the book answer the unconscious questions that many of us ask ourselves in relation to our careers:

Why is it so difficult to make ends meet?

Will I ever have the freedom to do what I really love?

When will all my hard work pay off?

In relation to their career expression and every other important aspect of life, Christy’s mission is to guide people in the discovery of what they want, who they hope to become in the process of creating it, and how to align themselves on every level of their being with the vision of their
highest success.



About Quantum Success

About Quantum Success

About the Book

Success, as most people have been taught to define it, is often perceived as a painstaking upward climb toward some elusive goal that takes consistent hard work to reach. This book upends our outworn definitions of success, illuminating it as something far easier and more joyful to attain. Quantum Success – whether in the area of one’s career expression or any other aspect of life – unfolds naturally and exponentially once we understand and learn how to harness the power and energy of the universe.  It is the kind of success that is created from the inside out, as a result of being internally aligned with the essence of all that we desire.  No matter what your experience of your career is currently – whether you’re seeking to work your way up the corporate ladder; are feeling unmotivated or frustrated by your lack of forward motion; if you’re re-evaluating your chosen career path; have aspirations that you don’t yet know how to achieve, or if you’re the head of your own thriving business and you’re ready to create even more success with greater ease – this book will illumine the way.

How the Book Works

  • Creating Quantum Success in Your Career providers a sequential progression of understanding into the vibrational nature of our universe in order to acquaint readers with their inherent creative power.
  • Each chapter introduces readers to one of what Whitman has termed the “seven essential laws” that are at work behind every act of manifestation – the Laws of Deliberate Creation, Attraction, Allowing, Sufficiency and Abundance, Pure Potentiality, Detachment and Polarity – and guides them through hands-on practices and processes to immediately utilize these laws to transform the way they relate to their career expression and to the success they desire.
  • Beginning with a powerful process for learning to accept precisely who, what, and where they currently are, readers are then shown how to clarify their highest career vision; harness latent resources and strengths, create and maintain positive momentum even in the midst of hostile work environments or negative people, and utilize the power of thinking, feeling and acting on purpose in order to nurture the outcomes they most desire to create.
  • The book distinguishes mindsets and processes never before disclosed in any of the author’s previous works, including techniques self-regulating and making yourself a priority; withdrawing your attention from people and activities that no longer serve you, declaring and then cultivating the vibrational tone of the environment you create around you, reaching beyond your current reality, and embodying the essence of quantum success.

About the Author

Christy Whitman is a transformational leader and celebrity coach who has appeared on the Today Show, the Morning Show, and, most recently, as a presenter at the TEDx Women’s Conference in Wilmington, DE, where she was among a select group of entrepreneurs, innovators, artists and activists invited to speak on topics that enhance our understanding of ourselves and the world. As the founder and CEO of the Quantum Success Learning Academy, Christy has trained and certified thousands of life coaches worldwide, and inspires and empowers over 200,000 people each month through her seminars, webinars, coaching sessions
and training programs.

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