Enliven Books is an imprint of Atria Publishing Division which is part of the venerable 90+ year old publishing house, Simon and Schuster. Judith Curr, the publisher and founder of Atria Books, was looking for a dedicated imprint for Mind-Body-Spirit within the Atria family and tapped her author, Zhena Muzyka to head it up. The picture of Zhena above may show you why :). Zhena comes to the publishing world after founding the nation's first 100% fair trade tea company and grew the business into 20,000 stores. A mission-driven entrepreneur, and a writer from the start, Zhena has built a list of 22 authors within two years, all of whom are mission-driven, authentic, and true teachers and luminaries. 

Based in Ojai, California with the main office in Rockefeller Center, NYC, Enliven is the integration of west coast innovation and east coast sensibility. As publisher-at-large, Zhena is a curator of authentic teachings with an eye on mission-driven teachers, entertainers, healers and transformational leaders who are the same people off-stage as they are on-stage. Authenticity is the key to the Enliven list, these are teachers we can all learn from, trust, and who are true to their word and to those they serve.