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inspire & motivate me


inspire & motivate me

Music and Mantras: The Yoga of Mindful Singing for Health, Happiness, Peace & Prosperity

by Girish


Author's Mission

Create a meditation movement through singing.

Music and Mantras

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About the Book

About the Book

About the book

Celebrated yogi-musician Girish has created an interactive toolkit for personal transformation through singing, sharing his own experience as a musician, yogi, and former Hindu monk. Weaving simple, elegant mantras from ancient traditions with neuroscience, Girish shows us how to achieve greater peace of mind, clarity, calm, focus, and even improved health and wealth through “kirtan,” the yogic art of chanting—a practice for anyone to sing their way to happiness, health, and prosperity.


How the book works

  • Read. This is a book and a movement and an education and a rising up of your sacred resonance. It's an honor to bring you a book that can up the vibration of your life, reduce your stress levels to nada, and guide you home--to you. Ah :)   
  • Listen. Complete with companion audio, the book is more than a book, but a guide to what is possible through song. I've been a fan of his high vibration music for 15 years, and cannot and will not go much more than a few days without singing them at the "top of my lungs." This is what happy sounds like.
  • Sing. Girish's groundbreaking book teaches you not only how to meditate through singing, but how to trace your very voice into the depths of your gorgeous soul.  This is what God must feel like. 


About the Author

Girish, an accomplished musician of many genres, former monk infused in spiritual practice, loving wordsmith linking lyrics and rhythm in a blissful musical event, is an internationally touring world music artist. His widely acclaimed eight albums and tours popularized his original music in yoga studios and music festivals all over the world.

Girish’s book, “Music and Mantras” will continue his work to teach the art of meditation through music to the world.


 Reader reviews & reveals

"Singing is as human as breathing, and this book tells us why.”
— Mark Guarino, contributing music writer, The Guardian
"In this beautiful book, Girish shares his long and wonderful relationship and experiences blending the practice of Chanting and Music."
— Krishna Das
"Let the masterful Girish lead you on a journey of spiritual unfoldment through the vibrations of mantra. The practices in Music and Mantras will transform and uplift you; listen and follow."
— Yogi Cameron, bestselling author, yoga & Ayurveda master

Interview with the Author


Sing & Dance! Your Voice is the Sound of Your Soul

Sing & Dance! Your Voice is the Sound of Your Soul

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