Spiritual Healing for Your Mind, Body & Soul

While life is filled to the brim with bumps and bruises, our souls are pure healing machines. If you have long term issues, you may be looking at past life impressions that haven't left you, The Past Life Perspective will inspire and heal you across many lifetimes. If you were ever told you had to "sit still" and couldn't be totally yourself, Free Spirit will reignite that delicious spark of creativity in you. When your body aches, you may just need to start making the pain your guide and loving it up with Convergence Healing

Bouncing Forward teaches us how Maya Angelou and others actually grew from trauma--inspiring healing through story. Guided, by medium Hans King will heal your relationship to your intuition in surprising and comforting ways. Music & Mantras heals the deepest part of our soul through song.  No matter what needs healing, Enliven Books offers a nourishing list of titles to ensure you have the tools you need. 

Book List