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Guided: Reclaiming the Intuitive Voice of Your Soul

by Hans Christian King

Author's Mission

Guided is inspired by my 55 years of mediumship sessions with international clients and students in my mediumship classes. The book fulfills the human quest for an authentic path to cultivating a relationship with one’s spirit guides, loved ones who have passed over, and angels. Readers will gain the comfort of knowing they have an unbroken connection to their departed loved ones, and that it is possible to activate the intuitive voice inherent within for interacting with them within everyday life.  This book reflects my heart’s intention to provide a precious vehicle of communication that is eternal.


About Guided

About Guided

About the book

Award-winning psychic Hans King provides a clear and thorough path for connecting to the invisible side of life in Guided. Based on the author’s sixty years of direct voice medium work, it includes step-by-step practices for quieting the mind and creating a clear channel for spiritual communication, allowing you to discover, activate, trust, and follow your own eternal voice while uncovering your soul’s greatest purpose and passion. Filled with fascinating stories and real-life testimonials from those who have communicated with the spirit world and experienced spiritual awakenings through King’s teaching, King clearly explains how to accurately find the answers you are searching for and actualize them in your life.


How the book works

  • Activate and reengage with your divine inner guidance system through gentle exercises, illuminating how to's, and  whimsical adventures in spirit.
  • Speaking to the "other side" is actually better explained by "digging within" for the voice of your spirit, your spirit guides, and those that love you...from another realm that is not "out there" but within. 
  • For those who experience an inner urge to explore life’s bewildering, paradoxical mysteries, and deepest sensitivities, and want to step inside themselves and discover that their individual existence is for a purpose—and learn how to intuitively, victoriously fulfill it—Guided is the ultimate spiritual how-to guide.


About the Author

Hans Christian King, author of When the Spirit World Speaks, has been a direct voice medium for over 55 years.  His time-tested ability to communicate with guides in the spirit realm has been a powerful spiritual and psychological support to more than 55,000 clients through his private readings. An invaluable aspect of his compassionate work is devoted to comforting those who have lost loved ones, providing them intimate, life-altering messages from the other side. Hans’s wide range of teachings includes an intensive series of Intuitive Development classes, and his weekly radio show, “Guidance for Your Life—Wisdom for Your Soul.”  Highly respected in his field, he is a sought after keynote conference speaker and considered “one of the top five psychics in the country” by the Miami Herald newspaper.


 Reader reviews & reveals

"Guided is a book whose time has finally come...a testament to Han's legacy as a trailblazer for humanity's awakening."

—  John Burgos, producer/host of Beyond The Ordinary Show

"This book will change your life, opening you up to be able to clearly listen and follow your guidance: loved ones that have passed, your guardian angels, and your own intuition."

— Rikka Zimmerman, global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness, acclaimed international speaker and author

“Hans teaches us how to dig deep within our souls to find ourselves. I love his message.”

— George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM


Interview with the Author


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reveal me to myself & my world

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